About Us

We live in the Netherlands. 

In The Netherlands

I grew up in the United States and I am from the Land of 10,000 Lakes…Minnesota. 

My hubby is Dutch and has a career here in the country of water and tulips… The Netherlands. 

We own a cedar strip canoe. We paddle in The Netherlands and the United States. 

Paddle on the Oud-Alblas

Paddle on the Oud-Alblas

We have a 1988 Kip Caravan trailer camper that we use as our home away from home while travelling in The Netherlands.

Heading out

All loaded and heading for North Brabant

I own two 12 foot Wilderness kayaks.  One in The Netherlands and one in the United States. 

The Hubby owns a 14 foot yellow Wilderness kayak here in the Netherlands.

14 foot Wilderness Kayak

14 foot Wilderness Kayak

We did our prior USA travel with a 2016, 12 foot, Tiger Moth camper trailer.

In June 2018 when I had an off road accident. The accident resulted in both my CRV and the wonderful Tiger Moth being total losses. Luckily, I made it out of the accident with only a bruised ego.

We currently don’t have plans on replacing the Tiger Moth.


Our Old Tiger Moth camper

I am a long time kayaker and outdoors person. I return to my home territory in the Northern Minnesota each year to enjoy the lakes, rivers and outdoors.

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