Sometimes We Must Take Good With Bad

In gardening we all are constantly learning from the plants we tend, sometimes they don’t like the soil, they are too wet, or to dry, too much sun or not enough, it can be frustrating sometimes!

This week was one of those garden weeks that makes me wonder if my hobby is controlling me or might send me to the crazy farm.

I had two of my most beautiful pumpkin plants bitten right in half by the murderous slugs!

Exhibit A; Pumpkin plant several weeks old with bite mark severing it from it’s roots.

If Mother Nature has a court system I want a hearing!

But, the slug buddies across town seemed to have conspired with the other murders, taking my new Echinacea plant nearly to the ground. In our back garden.

Exhibit B; Echinacea plant with signs of slug activity.

I am filing charges!

Then Mother Nature sent me this as I went into my cabinet on the back porch to get my pots to start more plants…

Disclaimer: If skeletal remains are not your thing please STOP reading… or looking…

Oh my!!!! Can I be charged?
Perfectly preserved…

I can’t hide this crime so I put it on display…

His after life job… watching me pot new seeds.🤣😂

So when the World seems to be going down the slow slide into the abyss, and the US government can’t get their crap together enough on a budget deal so that many of us who get paid each month can not be stressed!

Mother Nature keeps doing her thing without us humans.

So she gifted me this…

Mother Nature trying to balance out the slug problem… yup, that works for me! Thank you Mother Nature!

Or she gifts me a rare sighting…

A moth flying in the middle of the day!

All reminders that we need to take the Good and the Bad all in stride.

Is there anything growing where you live right now?

Do you think I might see a June pay check?

Place your comments below, we always love to hear from our loyal readers. The answer is NO, we have not been out on the water yet this year!🫤

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