Finally Friday!

This week we were graced here in The Netherlands with a Thursday holiday. Not a holiday when you have garden to catch up on still from three weeks of vacation and a Hubby that works on the holiday!

At least the weather felt a bit more like holiday weather with sun beating down on my face and neck as I tackled the weeds.

I finally finished this morning and now can spend the weekend relaxing.😂🤣 Anyone of you who has ever had a garden is now laughing at that last statement, very well, I will try to do less this weekend in the garden.

Here are a few photos and videos of how it looks right now. Enjoy!

From the back of my garden towards the front.
One of two Aalsmeer climbing beans. I got these last year from my volunteer job at the Historic Garden, Aalsmeer. The other one doesn’t look great as the slugs have been busy eating it!
Best of my broccoli plants. Again slugs have been eating everything…
From my strawberry plants to the front of my garden.
Curb appeal?
More curb appeal.🌱
My irises in full bloom.😊

My first alfalfa bale of the season.

What happens when you plant an entire pumpkin?

Hundreds of pumpkins plants!!!!😳

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