Friday Flowers

Now back from vacation and back “to work”. Yes, I know it is only volunteer work but still it is work with awesome benefits. Like the flowers in bloom.

One of my favorites at the Historic Garden, Aalsmeer. A bright orange rhododendron.

Now, if orange is not your color then perhaps purple/blue is. This is called blue rain (English translation of what the Dutch commonly call this following plant). A wisteria in full bloom.

Wisteria in full bloom, Historic Garden, Aalsmeer.

With the return of Spring, babies try to make the gardens a safe place. I saw two clutches of ducklings this morning. Just in time for Mother’s Day.😊🐣

Mama duck was not happy that so many Human workers were at the garden. She was “yelling” at her children and they were not listening to her! Had to laugh as her “children” were in about the safest place they could be, plus they stuck together.

I got a total work out weeding the roses. As our manager mentioned to me this morning “You can hear all the weeds popping out of the garden as you walk pass.” As the day went by I really think the weeds were laughing at our efforts.

Boat full of plants ready for the annual geranium sale.

As if I didn’t get enough of weed pulling or flowers I went directly to my garden to pull weeds and to plant my now late to start garden (darn vacation…😂). Tomorrow is “work day” at the garden where I must help care for the common areas so had to get going on my area today.

Iris in bloom. Rows of seeds planted, mulch done. Protection on the tender plants to keep (hopefully the very hungry slugs from eating my plants.😬
One patch of weeds still to be done… then we start all over again.🙄
My straw bales don’t need to be weeded but the garden rules say I must keep all my garden weed free. So the never ending process continues…
My rye grain is NOT weeds! Not sure the other gardeners agree, but they will see…
The last of the Friday Flowers.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Give your Mom a hug if she is still around, if not, plant a flower in your garden in her memory this weekend.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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