When on vacation we like to relax and unwind and during those moments of reflection we can “see” things we otherwise would not notice. “Do” things we don’t normally do. Wonder about the sights in the areas we travel.

Both the Hubby and I spent our careers busy with work and now it is nice to actually relax and enjoy the moments and all the things at make us go Hummm… this vacation to the United States from The Netherlands was filled with such moments.

Like yesterday as we were enjoying a meal at a restaurant in Moose Lake, MN and sat watching a guy clean the parking lot, by hand, one five gallon bucket at a time.

A record snowfall in Northern Minnesota has left parking lots with piles of gravel after the snow melted.
Hummm… suddenly the “hand work” turn to “dust blowing work”. Hummm…his vehicle didn’t have a MN front plate. Later I saw he was from South Carolina😳!

We did wonder if he was financing this work by the coins he might have found while cleaning up. We actually found that looking at those gravel piles issued us some coin rewards during our trip. A small but entertaining vacation activity.

Then we have the entertainment of what we find at parking lots here in the US. Hummm…

Wow! A heart! Hummm…
Nope, just a discarded shoe.

Then we seemed to have a doggie vacation.

Hummm… this dog looks very tired…JD is my son’s dog, four full days of activity, this puppy was worn out.
Hummm… one more neighborhood dog that stopped to see me.

While visiting my son in St Louis, MO I had a visit from Finn. Finn is a international famous dog blogger and his “Human Mom, Ann” lives in the neighborhood. Ann even wrote a blog about meeting me for a walk on one of the days I was visiting. You can read about her experience.

I have followed Ann and Finn’s blog for years and was inspired to visit the animal shelter where she volunteered on one of my visits to the St. Louis area. I had no idea where Ann lived in St Louis until just recently when my son and daughter in law purchased their first actual house. When I emailed her a picture of the house she said she lived in the neighborhood.

Hummm… I wondered, is that by European or American distance standards? I never asked. When she stopped by while I was there and she showed me where she lived, it was very close! I thought that the universe was joking! We couldn’t even plan a house purchase in her neighborhood and here she lives just down the street. Hummm… a wonderful karma experience for both bloggers and the new neighbors who now have a trusted resource close by. Thanks Ann!!

Hummm… then there was Peppa
This pig travelled from MN to St Louis…
And now has a place on my office door…

The artist… Hummm… Hanging Horn Resort’s youngest manager…

Tutu and artist/manager with supervisor in the background.

I spent a wonderful afternoon with the youngest resort manager I have ever known learning about how we “are not to talk to the customers, what we needed to clean up, and items that needed to be added to the supervisor’s To Do List.” In her spare time she is an artist. If this is the future generation I don’t think any of us have to worry.

Hummm…looks like the Hubby has lost weight on this vacation!

Maybe it is because we visited my son and daughter in law. We spent time fixing a “free” grill, a bad gate, and trenching the lawn to solve some water issues. Hummm… team building event? Possible.

Team building.

Vacation is also a time of appreciating what you have at home. So when we returned today I was greeted with a garden of beautiful tulips.

My straw bale garden looking great after three weeks.
Our back garden with long grass and tulips.
The tulips and iris in my front garden.

Wishing each of you to “see” the Hummm… in your lives and enjoy each day as if it were vacation. Carpe diem!

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