Hummm…Earth Day Reflections

The day after Earth Day 2023… my head is clear as I have recovered (mostly) from jet lag. Since the Hubby and I landed at the first of the week we have experienced darn near three of the four seasons that Mother Nature offers in my former homestate of Minnesota!

Hummm… where to start…?

How about water? Lots of water!!!

A late Spring snowfall and record breaking winter snow cover in Duluth area then a few days of crazy warm. This video of Thomson Dam at Carlton, MN shows the amount of water exiting the Northland and heading into Lake Superior.
Most April visits this lake welcomes me with nice open water for paddling. Not this year!
Swing bridge on the St Louis River. Hummm… a bit unsafe due to water levels.
A smaller river in Carlton County at high levels… still unsafe to paddle. Hummm…
All that water in Northern Minnesota that doesn’t flow into Lake Superior flows towards the Mississippi River. St Paul, Minnesota; Minnehaha Falls.

Then as usual there are the host of other things that give us time to stop and ponder the Hummm…

Like the following…

Rest stop education on septic systems and how they work. Hummm… yes, a study of how the “can” works while sitting on “the can”! Maybe we need a closer look…
Why anyone with a brain would even think of placing any of those items down a toilet is begone my brain to comprehend. Hummm… closer…
Nice to explain how “sh*t flows” and sponsored by the UMN! Good research and education money providing education to all who stop at this rest stop between Barnum and Mahtowa, MN.
Hummm… an old fashioned picture.
We had to pick up a book on how to negotiate this strange weather. Hummmm… not sure it is helping.🥶

What better way to start the season than with a little outdoor cooking! Hummmm…a bit cold but sure tasted great! We are all about solutions and not about weather stopping us from enjoying our few days of vacation!
From outdoor cooking to just enjoying Earth Day with a book from the local library. We hope you consider your relationship with Mother Earth for our future generations!

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