Sunday Sun April 2023

Thank You, my dearest blog followers!!!! It worked! Mother Nature heard me and each of you and granted me here in The Netherlands some wonderful sunshine on this first Sunday of April.

To all my Minnesota readers who just received more snow and to any of my readers that were in the destructive path of the most recent tornados, I will keep asking Mother Nature to stop this extreme crazy!

Until that happens maybe a few pictures of our garden will help ease the pain for your bad weather.

When I wrote my blog on Friday it was buckets rain falling from the sky! I went to the garden anyway to lift the black clouds of my soul. As I entered the garden I could hear laughter in the rain! There was an entire level 6 (9-12 year olds) planting this garden. It lifted the black clouds as the rain continued to fall. “Thanks Mother Nature!”
Alfalfa with a garlic that are doing just fine in the rain and cold.
Can anyone ID this plant? New sprout coming up in a fellow community gardeners plot.
Even with the sun out today the wind was cold and biting off the North Sea. Tonight they are calling for a freeze. This cotton cloth cover will hopefully protect my young carrot seeds that are peeking through the soil of the straw bale.
NOT WEEDS! This is rye grain that I planted last fall. You can tell that the plants closer to the bales are getting more heat and protection. I will most likely get a staggered harvest. That is perfect for my needs.
Bird control in my oat field.
These young plants all have glass covers for tonights freeze, the homemade wind screen needed to be on the other side of the bale today. “🙄🙄 Oh well, that is gardening”

What is growing or not growing where you live? Lets us know in our comment section.

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