Spring 2023

The calendar tells me it is Spring 2023, but when I am still busy with three to four layers of clothes on, I do wonder if it will ever really arrive!

Now, my friends in Minnesota have been sending me pictures of piles of snow. Maybe I shouldn’t complain…

My friend in Northern Minnesota sent me this picture this week! Picture taken and©️ K. Parker

Really, it hasn’t been all that bad. I see my daffodils blooming out front from my office window. A beautiful mix I purchased last fall from a local dealer through an English website (crazy that I couldn’t just bike the 4 km last fall to pick these up in person and save delivery costs!). I digress..

Weeds seem to have no issues with the weather! Weeding is the best therapy I know to improve any situation.
Fellow gardeners, these are not weeds! This is rye grain! It likes the cool weather.

My garden is greening up ever so slowly. I even have a small onion sprout peeking out of the straw bale. The brave little onion! I almost biked home to knit a small sweater for it to protect it from the cold biting wind.

This is my protection of my early greenhouse plants that found a home in my straw bales. Not sure if any of this worked as I placed it yesterday in gale force winds and today we have rain…
“Ohhhh…you poor little onion!”

As I was thinking of that poor onion and trying to get some work done for when the Spring season finally comes along, a huge gust of wind blew my electric bike over! Now, what escaped my mouth went straight to the universe that I was not pleased! I have had it! Now a damaged, new electric bike is sitting in our shed waiting for the bike repairman to return from vacation.

Change is never easy. Mother Nature also seems to be having a hard time with the changing of seasons.

How can I encourage her to move along?

“Hello Mother Nature! I am ready to shed my layers of clothes. I am ready to plant all those seeds from all those beautiful plants you have on this Earth. I am ready to let Father Sun burn my skin when I am tilling the soil. Please bring me Spring and not four seasons in 15 minutes.”

Look! Seeds! Time to plant!

Not sure that she reads my blog, so maybe my readers can pass the message along in your own voices and she will bring us all some Spring normal weather.

Thanks in advance to all that help!😊

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