Hummm…St Patrick’s Day 2023

I had to check my calendar today to make sure there wasn’t a full moon as some strange things have surrounded me the last few days.

I mentioned in my last post I saw a gal with devil horns on and satin cape draped on a bench.

Today, it must be because it is St Patrick’s Day and the universe always wants those of us with some Irish blood running through our bodies to have fun. This was what made me laugh today.

Check out the boat name. Hummm… wonder what services they provide?

Irish are all about what is green and little sprouts are green.

Hummm… little green sprouts on these rose bushes.

Hummm… me and my shadow…

Fertilizing the roses at my volunteer job at the Historic Garden Aalsmeer.

Humm…Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!🍀🇮🇪

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