Hummm… Lost and Found?

Ahhh, my blog readers, it is time for another Hummm… from my location here in The Netherlands. I just researched when the last one was posted and OMG! January?! That can’t be true. Wow, time has flown and so there must be dozens of Hummm… to post. Let me see … where to start.

Ok… hummm… Jetpack on WP is again challenging my technology skills… just LOVE the challenge of new changes, thanks WP!…sarcasm.

Oh no! Transported to the polar ice cap! Hummm… nope, but recently I picked a book out of our extensive library and found this collection of pictures, about some Navy submarine that was the first to find a path to the North Pole!

Hummm… interesting… I wonder what the Russians thought about that at that time…
Hummm… the social media of that time. They didn’t seem like they worried about telling the Russians or World the route they took. This is exactly why Democracy and freedom always wins! Courage to do what no one thought was possible and then using the media to make sure everyone knows how you did it!
Free Press= Freedom= Democracy!
Hummm… the things I find on my hikes. What could this be? A old sock?
No! The cutest little bear! I hope someone found him a good home.
Yet, another American mailbox on a Dutch house! Hummm… not sure what to think about this one…the full barrel of water under it makes it look like the mailbox is leaking… or…they get a great deal of wet mail…
Spring in The Netherlands brings mole hills…and Hummm…people who must just find it cool to place a foot print on them…easy to follow this person…
Sometimes the Hummm… is in the English language. I think “sensitive” was what this Dutch person should have spelled.
Hummm…just cute.
Another lost item…identified as…a glove.
Also a glove…
Hummm… lots going on here! “Hubby? Where are you? What are you doing? I really hope you aren’t thinking of moving out and sleeping there!”
Hummmm… “If you do I am guessing you will have plenty of toilet paper!”

As of this publication of Hummm… 9 March 2023 Russia still is attacking the Ukraine! Still thinking they can shell helpless civilians!

So many of us living in Europe are wanting this Russian aggression to end, as we f today there is no indication of the situation getting any closer to a resolution. Please send your support and prayers to those inside the Ukraine and to the thousands who are tirelessly working here in Europe to find some way forward to a more peaceful situation.💛💙❤️

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