Hummm… Doomsday Clock

I am not really one for talking seriously about the “End of Times” but when yesterday a bunch of scientists declared we are 30 seconds closer…it made me…yes… Hummm…

Calendar on my desk with one of my favorite castles. Bamburgh is the setting for Bernard Cornwell books The Last Kingdom, I am sure the Saxons thought it was Doomsday when the Vikings came… Hummm… I have both DNA in my bloodline…

I laughed and made jokes and went about my day. I have heard it all before that we are close but this time, it could be actually true. Hummm… if you knew it was what would you do?

There must be people really thinking it could actually happen this time. As I was approached, not once but twice in this month by people who knock on my door and want to spread the “word”. Good for them, but I would rather do something creative with my time.

The “End Time” hand spun collection!
Some of the collection has become a pair of socks… Hummm… the Doomsday sock collection.

The situation is concerning in both Ukraine and Afghanistan. War or the aftermath of war is never easy or fun. Hummm… at least it now seems my former employer is doing something to help!

More relief effort items sitting next to my door. Not waiting for doomsday!

I know that democracy must win! We can’t wait for others to do the hard work. If doomsday is closer we each should hope we did enough to stop or at least slow it down.

Sometimes it is just hard to choose the right path to take, even if it might end up at the same end point.


So, do I need Divine intervention?

I think if there is a possibility of a Divine then I think maybe it could give a push to fix some of these issues we are facing, or maybe push some people to do the “right thing” to help.

As far as my plan, I will laugh at the doomsday clock, continue to close the door at people who try to “push” their religious belief on me, help those I can and dance like baby groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie intro.

For all you who don’t believe in democracy and want to stop those of us who do… Hummm… I will never surrender!

Hummm… Spring in January in my back garden.

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