Hummm… Mr. President!?

Well, well, well…this month is already shaping up to be an unusual month.

I opened my email this morning and scrolled through before my first cup of coffee I stopped…”hummm…what? No! Really?…ok, I have to open it!”

The White House

Response to your message

Now, I filled my cup of coffee, and had a seat. Maybe this was an actual response to my online comments to the White House about the situation in Ukraine or I had just been punked by one of my kids or friends? Either way I needed coffee before I could read it!

I have been still knee deep in seeking out bargains on wool clothing at the local thrift stores (BTW…if you are looking in the South Amsterdam area for wool clothing…hummmm… maybe you should find another location….), washing, drying, and then packing those items into boxes for the Ukraine. I have drained my savings this month for this effort! That is why I sent an email (really an online comment) to The White House.

For background you can read my other posts.

Initial response, 16 November 2022

After the initial response I wasn’t deterred.

I just keep collecting and keep boxing and keep thinking that my small effort will help, at least one person somewhere in the Ukraine!

The news boxes waiting to go to the drop off point. This morning.

I passed the boxes the waiting boxes, went into the living room and sat down for my morning coffee. I slowly opened this email coming from The White House…


it didn’t explode…

all my other emails are still there… here is what it said.

Hummm…Mr President…nice, but what does this really tell me? NOTHING!!!!

Yup, I know he was busy trying to gain the release of a high profile WNBA star. But, this didn’t seem personal or even an answer to anything I asked about the humanitarian effort or support for the Ukraine!

That is ok, I understand totally that I would not get a real response. It hasn’t deterred my resolution to “get my hands dirty”, write more emails to people who might actually solve some of these issues by “getting their hands dirty and doing all they can for people who are facing horrible conditions at the hands of the Russian leadership.

No worries Mr President, I am in the trenches doing the work.

This morning (7 November 2022) at a drop off point in The Netherlands for Ukraine relief effort. 💛💙

Hummm… who is leading?

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