Canoeing in the Weerribben Fall 2022

We have spent so much time in this beautiful location canoeing that it might seem that it is our favorite place to canoe within The Netherlands. This last trip was the first long one in our new canoe and the last one (at the time we didn’t know it) in our VW Caddy/camper. Now, looking back it seems bitter sweet.

As most of our regular readers know we haven’t been out canoeing much in the last two, wait, three?, years. Life events change things and we changed with them and canoed when we could, realized this year the beautiful “Cedar” needed a new home and with diesel prices soaring and our high road taxes on the larger vehicle, I guess 2022 was a year of lifestyle changes for us.

Since I have written so much about the Weerribben in the past I will just highlight our trip in pictures and video. Enjoy your weekend wherever you are in the World!🛶

The fall colors were just starting to showcase.
Early morning paddle into the Weerribben National Park. The only other paddlers were these ducks.
The wind was still and the paddle quite, seemed that all was perfect in the universe.
Having a bit of fun, sporting my top 25 reviewer 2021 hat. Thank you to anyone who helped my reviews gain points for this honor. It has been a real morale booster for me being selected in the top 25 reviewers these last two years.
The reflection
What a beautiful morning!
Any paddler that takes photographs understands, it isn’t easy, but a still, no wind day, is picture perfect and almost effortless.
Fall is one of my favorite times to paddle but the weather can change quickly. The wind blows the trees lose leaves and the paddles are then resting.
Then the wind starts to settle and we are back on the water.
Another early morning still wind paddle.
The wind picks up and we just ride without paddling.
The Hubby always has a firm handle on directing the canoe. To think back now that he first started by watching YouTube videos and us doing circles in a nearby lake still makes me chuckle, but he has become very skilled and I am proud to have him as my paddle partner.
End to a week long canoe vacation. Bittersweet.
Our last (we didn’t know then) trip with the VW Caddy. We will miss all the room it had for our gear.

That concludes this recap from our Weerribben canoe vacation. Change is good and we have more adventures coming.

*** If you paddle (canoe or kayak) we would love to hear about your favorite fall paddle location. Please share your location in the comments section.

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