A Mushroom Vacation

Thank goodness that we experienced a natural mushroom vacation and not one that has been threatened for weeks by the terrorist state of Russia!

I didn’t need to go on vacation to study the types of mushrooms that can pop out of decomposing materials, my straw garden has produced many types in the last 10 weeks of gardening.

*** Disclaimer- I am not a mushroom expert and do not collect mushrooms to eat! Never eat mushrooms from the wild unless you have been trained in what is eatable.***

A sort of fungi that grows out of my straw bale garden.
For whatever reason this straw bale has a variety of different mushrooms.

But this canoe vacation took us took us to two different Dutch National Parks (De Weerribben and Dwingelderveld) it was interesting to find so many different mushroom varieties.

The temperatures have been unbelievable warm for late October. Ranging from 15-20 C! Making it very nice for our canoe paddles and for our hiking in the forests.

A nice collection of yellow mushrooms.
Closer inspection
A fungus on a dead birch tree.
These look like a perfect a Halloween prop.
These are like small umbrellas
This type we found around a standing stump.
These looked like alien life forms coming out of the ground
The morning mist helped give these mushrooms a glossy look.
These are huge! I used my hand for perspective.
This one was peeking out of the leaf forest mulch.
Mushroom lifecycle.
This sort was hard to spot in the leaf litter and had the most delicate stem.

We really enjoyed our mushroom sightings. I was so taken by all the different kinds that I purchased a identification book at the park visitor center.

Taking time to slow down and really see what is in the forest was a nice vacation activity.

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