Hummmm… September 2022

It is almost October and really I have failed as a blogger this month! I promised canoe blogs, product reviews and even some Hummm… from our travels.

Hummmm… that didn’t happen! Why? COVID! Yup the virus finally found us and jumped smack in the middle of the last days of packing for our canoe trip! Of course I wondered where I had picked it up, I don’t socialize much, don’t really shop at the stores when it is busy, but a non stop water facet of a nose and sore throat was a sure indication that I picked it up SOMEWHERE! Two negative tests and a couple days later the Hubby started feeling a bit off (the man is NEVER sick) he did a test and immediately it was positive! I must have tested wrong so took one more and still negative even with all my symptoms. Hummmm… No vacation!

About the same time the drought here was finally broken with rain. Not just a little bit of rain but centimeters of rain!

Drought to wet…bean seeds I thought were bad germinated anyway! Hummm… maybe beans in November?

I only have one real Hummm… to share this month. This one comes from our local grocery store. I just had to purchase as I wondered what a Friendly Viking could produce!

Friendly? Viking? Really?

My home state of Minnesota is full of so called Vikings every fall. A happy sort, dressed in purple and horned hats, yellow/purple face paint, mostly friendly unless you mention the cheese heads from Wisconsin. LOL But, in all my experience with historical research I never really thought of the Vikings as “friendly”.

Until, hummm… now?

I purchased the product and looked closely at the packaging.

Ok, I can accept that.

But, that wasn’t all they had to tell me.

Hummm… did they know I was an environmental nut? Did they also know I came from a small area in Minnesota that was settled by Finlanders? Hummm… how did they know?

Now, my suggestion would be if you fear Vikings is to find this product, keep it on your shelf, and when we are invaded by mad looking people wearing pelts and brandishing swords and torches, kindly greet them with this product!


I will leave you wondering what October will bring with the following pictures. Stay safe and stay healthy everyone!

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