Canoe Fest – The Netherlands ( 9 – 11 September 2022)

For those of you that follow our blog for the canoe and kayak news out of The Netherlands, I must say we have been a bit on the slim side of those posts recently.

Never fear! We are less than two weeks away from the once per year event of the Open Canoe Festival located at the Weerribben National Park area.

You can follow the link here

I will be staying for a few days prior and a few days after to get a closer look into some blog ideas that have been banging against the inside of my head since my last visit in early January.

One of the cabins at Weerribben National Park

I will be testing out some new equipment and will have those blogs also available, always nice to know what to get those canoe/camping people for the upcoming holiday.

In other news… straw garden is going great! Four weeks and we already have radishes, spinach, alfalfa and rye grass. If that all sounds like a power lifter diet to you, you are right! I have to be able to lift those straw bales somehow and my old guns (arm muscles) need the extra energy.

I will leave you with this video (nope not a canoe video) but cute bunnies I was looking after for a few days. Mork & Mindy! Have fun and stay safe blog friends!

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