Hummm… Hot and Dry

Maybe we all need a break from the weather? I know I sure do! My DNA was never meant to spend any sort of time in weather above 75 degrees with any humidity over 50%!!!

Today the inside the house temperature is 75 degrees F!

I feel like I am either going to explode or melt.

Best time to add a small Hummm…

This picture of taken by Gunilla and sent to me. Hummmm… not sure I would interfere with this carrot situation! Looks very private to me!
Hummm… these odd looking fruits are Russian tomatoes! How does a Russian tomato make it into an American garden hands living in The Netherlands? Hummm… I am sure there is more than one strange story in all of this. But really, if the world was run by garden people who give freely to others then the World would be a much better place.
Hummm…what is this Little Orange Bear doing? Hiking the Western Scottish Highland trail with a pair of Dutch ladies! Congratulations ladies (and Bear ) on your accomplishment!

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