Namekagon Spirit

Several years ago I volunteered at a HistoriCorps project on Lake Namekagon just East of Cable, Wisconsin. I swam in the lake after the long hours of working and paddled along the forested shores. That would be a good reason for naming our new Kevlar light weight canoe “Namekagon” peaceful memories brings good karma.

Our newly named canoe! Welcome to our family.

But, I like the story of the Native American Chief Namekagon even better. A hermit of sorts he lived out his life in the 1800’s on Lake Namekagon. He was known to travel occasionally to larger towns by foot and trade for goods in raw silver. This was eye raising enough that locals created theories on where he might have access to a hidden mine. He eluded wealth seekers for years and never divulged his silver source.

Our new canoe, sitting in our back garden. Waiting for the next canoe adventure.

Naming our canoe after a historic Native American who would never give up the location or source of his silver, who walked everywhere by foot, and paddled a canoe seems fitting. Invocation of his spirit to protect our canoe and our canoe trips seemed appropriate.

Our first canoe paddle in Aalsmeer.

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