Hummm… June Wrap Up

As June is coming to a close it is time to update my Hummm… most of these come from the last part of our Minnesota vacation but we had a couple that snuck into file since our return. We never know when those things that make us go Hummm… will appear! Enjoy!

Hummm…Is that a sleeping bag bottle cozy? Yup! It made me smile at the General Store in Marine on St Croix and then followed us on vacation.
The problem with some Hummm… is that once you see one, you see them everywhere, this one multiplied into crazy cute cozy’s everywhere!!! One last chance to purchase? Nope. Resistance to the cute cozy!
Hummm… smile face! This greets anyone on Walsh Road, Eagle Nest Lake 3. What a great way to brighten any day.
This Hummm…comes from the Front Porch Coffee & Tea Coffee in Ely. I guess the local campaign is going to the dogs also a limited focus group as this was found in the rest room.
Hummm… if things in Ely get really bad they still have one of these… a fall out shelter at the Post Office. Take note “B” in IL! 😂
Hummm… just in case you needed another life jacket. Cute cozy.
This Hummm… was provided as a solution to mosquitoes! No kidding. A dab behind your ear will keep them away. Hummmm… maybe next time….
The following are clean Hummm…
Hummm… I really didn’t think that the Navy was using clean diplomacy.
Hummm… seems like this is either very manly or very old soap.
This Hummm… was found while paddling in Aalsmeer. This bus sign is located on an island surrounded by water… not sure how the bus will stop here. Maybe a canoe stop?
Hummmm… a canoe? That is a wrap for June!

** What has made you stop in your tracks this month and made you ask Hummm…?

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