Balance- Minnesota Canoeing

With the Minnesota vacation behind us we are trying to “find” our balance with our jet lagged bodies. After two years of hardly touching the water we now seem to be strengthening our under used paddle muscles.

Morning paddle on Eagles Nest Lake 3 close to Ely, MN

Canoeing is all about balance. Balance in paddle strokes to smoothly get through the water. Balance with your paddle partner (maybe a good dose of communication would help here too) to know when you will suddenly move inside or out of the canoe, failure to do so can cause one or both of you a nice swim in the water.

Balance with nature. While in a canoe or kayak you are the closest you will ever be with undisrupted nature. Suddenly you are part of the story that going on all around you.

A beaver dam at Bear Head Lake State Park. Ely, MN

When things are in balance then wonderful happy things occur. Like running into a free concert at the State Park.

Minnesota Lumberjack songs performance at Bear Head Lake State Park.

Sometimes practice on balance is needed or a reminder that maybe ego can be bumped.

“Cool! I can still portage a canoe…what was that sound? OMG!!! I am so embarrassed.”
Balance is needed when looking for the small wonders in nature. Here we are in a search to find wild orchids that grow on these semi submerged logs. Instead of orchids we found wild fly catcher plants.

We are now home in The Netherlands, new adventures coming soon.

Eagles Nest Lake 3. Ely, MN

We hope that each of you have found balance in your current lives.🛶

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