Deer…There are Bearly Mosquitoes!

This year the excess water in Northern Minnesota has all lead to a record hatch of mosquitoes. Worst in 40 years, according to some locals in the Ely, MN area. Canoeing in the BWCA can be challenging with all the wildlife, but being prepared helps in our over all enjoyment.

Looking to the outside from outside our cabin as the mosquitoes are attacking.

Mosquitoes don’t bug me much but they love the European Hubby.

Out on the trail to check a canoe access point. Only we never made it to the launch, as the swarm about carried the Hubby away.

The one thing that my Hubby has never seen in Minnesota was a black bear and it has been at the top of his “must see list” for years. Each summer, when I still owned a home in Carlton County, I would report seeing black bear. I never would seem to have the phone ready to take a picture. When I was hiking, and would see a black bear, I really would just want to get out of the area as fast as possible. So, the Hubby thought maybe I was telling “Bear stories”. He is a “Must see it for myself” kind of guy. After so many years of doubts we can finally check that experience off the list!

Mama bear with three cubs right outside of Bear Head State Park Ely, MN

The universe finally granted his wish of seeing a black bear with an additional bonus of three very cute cubs. Granted, I had to explain the difference between Yogi Bear and Smokey Bear to the Hubby, but to experience a (at a safe distance) Mama bear and three cubs for a good ten minutes before she finally had enough of roadside entertainment, was priceless. I couldn’t help feeling happy for the Hubby who was excited about the entire encounter.

Bears are a local attraction here in Ely. The North American Bear Center is located just outside town. We had already planned on visiting before we encountered the wild bear. I would highly recommend the center to anyone visiting Ely. The bear center contains a wealth that of information on bears, Northern Minnesota wildlife, and offers behind the scenes tours of the captive black bears housed at the facility.

The Bear Center off Highway 1 on the outskirts of Ely, MN
The “behind the scenes” tour of the bears.

I don’t get very excited to see deer in Minnesota, even the Hubby doesn’t anymore, as they are found everywhere. In fact several have tried to scare the heck out of me on this vacation as I am driving down the road. I can almost hear them conspiring as they see me driving.

“I heard she hasn’t really driven in three years.”

“hahaha, should we see how her reflexes are?”

“Oh, she is driving like an old lady this will be easy!😂🤣🤣”


“Did you see the look on her face? 😂🤣😳, she even yelled at her Hubby as to why he didn’t let her know we were about to jump in front of her! Soooo….funny!!!”

Yup, I am sure the deer have had tons of fun at my expense on this vacation, but then they gave back to us some special memories.

Right outside the cabin a doe.
A pair of fawns just off the dirt road close to our cabin. The Mama deer was just outside the picture watching us from a distance.

These wild experiences are priceless.

With our Northern Minnesota vacation coming to a close soon, it will be hard for me to return to our life in Europe. The peace of the North Country will hopefully follow us through whatever comes next.

Carpe Diem! 🦟 🦌🐻

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