We are paddling in Northern Minnesota and in the coming weeks readers will be able to read about our battles with the alternate Minnesota State bird. Until then…


Close to the start of this vacation we crossed the border into the neighboring state of Wisconsin and drove the backroads following the St Croix from Douglas County south to Osceola, WI. One would not think there could be so many instant Hummm… available. Here are some but not all we witnessed.

At a boat launch and camping site along the St Croix River. Hummm… where there is smoke there is fire danger! These campers must not have been taught the rules of fire and camping. No one was at the campsite and this huge branch was smoking and outside the fire pit.
A stop at this cafe in Danbury, WI provided a wonderful breakfast, great service and Hummmm… an additional feel good message even for us who are pagans. How can you not start the day feeling good knowing that someone loves you!
A stop at a Holiday Station in Dresser provided two Hummm…. This one was clear that instruction was needed.
This Hummm… made me laugh out loud. First, anything that says Pandora’s box is questionable but on this item I am not so sure I would participate. But, I did feel compelled to inform the outside world!😂
Growing up in Minnesota I shouldn’t have been surprised to see the above in a consignment store but Hummm… with a baseball Mom hat on, it made my Hummm file.
Checking into our hotel in Osceola we found that this sign might have been difficult for people to accomplish at this front desk. Hummm… closer look… do I really have to place my feet there? How does that work? Maybe a bit much laying on the carpet? How? Ok… well… just take a picture. Hummmm…

The restaurant Tippy Canoe is right next door and we had the best wait staff and loaded up on cheese curds. Thanks Bobbie for the wonderful service and conversation. Then we headed back to the hotel and it seems that the universe was trying to keep us in town.

“Hey, do you see that? Is someone trying to keep our car from moving?”
“I wonder if it is like super glue gum?” Instantly a Hummm… file addition!

I can report that we made it out of Wisconsin safely and we want to thank the State for the making us think outside the box.

We hope you enjoyed this addition to our Hummm… collection. Enjoy looking for surprises in life and Carpe Diem!

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