Hummmm…. May 2022

I have had a pretty boring month but even a boring month can place a few Hummm… things into the digital file. Plus, May brought a close to an era, but more on that later in the blog.

For the bird lovers out there! Hummm… this extremely friendly dove was at our camping site and was very content on posing for pictures. Someone who is most likely waiting for this bird to show up (notice the leg tag) should know that it found camping much more fun than heading for home!

Amsterdam is always full of Hummm… and this month as I walked through the center of the city towards my destination, through several clouds of sweet smelling plant smoke, I saw the following, Yes! I got a picture at this point as I wasn’t actually sure it wasn’t my brain reacting to the inhaled smoke.

Hummm… grass? Wheels? Real? Yup!

Once I reached my destination I walked through the door and asked in Dutch if the place was open and got the “deer in the headlight” look. With a delayed response “I don’t speak Dutch!” in broken English. 🙄 Hummm… all those Dutch language lessons and years of experience living here and Amsterdam is now only speaking English (well… forms of English or American language) but Dutch? Then again, there was that smoke cloud I walked through.

Most of you who read this blog on a regular basis (that includes the one regular from China) knows that I am a huge tree hugger! Yup, I have hugged hundreds of trees and feel it is my duty to try to save as many of them as I can (unless they are seedlings coming up in my garden😬), so maybe this next Hummm won’t be shocking.

Hummm… who and where am I?
Hummm… clue two… the sign in Dutch asks what is money if the ice cap melts?
Oh boy… hummm… these individuals don’t look like tree huggers.

But then on the same day in another part of the country the Hubby sent me this Hummm…

Hummmm… that is correct! A skeleton in the backseat of an American gas sucking car! Seems he wasn’t worried about the planet in the 1980’s and looked at what happened to him!
This Hummm… comes all the way from… wait… Minnesota?… really? Nope, this find was at the Dordrecht Steam Engine Show.
Hummm… Thanks Erik!
Hummm… Cedar…

The last of the Hummm… for the month is how we started the blog. With a picture of our beloved Cedar.

It is the end of the Cedar era at our house. She has now been passed on to a new family in Friesland who will restore her to her former glory.

It was bitter sweet to see her go but knew it was the “right” time for her. To us she seemed to have gained weight over the winter and that alone would not be a good reason but my old shoulder injury/back issues couldn’t lift her without causing me to feel crappy for days afterwards.

Canoeing is fun and hurting is not!

So we are now in search of a Minnesota made light weight canoe in the Netherlands.


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