Hummmm… Camping/Hiking in Netherlands

Those regular readers of my blog already know to be amazed at the items that the universe places in my path.

This week is vacation week in The Netherlands for most people. The Hubby only has three days off but we decided to escape to one of our favorite camping spots at the Biesbosch. Then I would try to get my hiking feet to pound the kilometers I still have to complete the Floris V Pad hiking trail. Oh, how I digress, this is a Hummm blog. Yes, I found these at our camping and along my route.

This electric panel needs a floppy disk? Hummmm… did I time travel?
Hummm… other than the finger that wanted some exposure… this stork nest stand seemed a bit out of place to me. Since there is not a stork using it guessing it thought Hummmm…strange location and looked elsewhere.
Hummm… maybe I need to stop and get some water, as I think this is an American Post Box…closer look…sure is…wonder if the Postmaster General really can do anything to me here? But wait… maybe I am in the USA…
…as I look down the street there are two more! Hummmm… hard to find the large ones in Minnesota with a dent from a snowplow… guess they don’t have that problem here in Dordrecht.
Hummm… this is the first hiking sticker I have found on a garbage can on this trail.
This last photo sums up my hummm for the last two years and all that is going on right now. Go camping, disconnect, drink and be happy.

Carpe Diem everyone!

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