Hummm…April Fool’s?

March filled my folder of Hummm, today it spilled onto my desk as April Fool’s joke from Mother Nature.

While waiting for my friend to arrive from Minnesota… Hummm… maybe I should be concerned? Did I miss the dresscode email?

When I texted it to the Hubby who was waiting at another door for my friend. He sent me this!

Hummm…he missed the dress code email too!

While walking in Gouda this one appeared from a rooftop.

Hummm…they seem to be having fun.
Now, this happened while riding my bike. Luckily for me I was close to home and no human was hurt performing the acrobatic maneuvers needed to not fall off the bike, not have a sharp object up my six, or the flying saddle hitting the old lady who watched the entire entertaining event! Hummm…thank you universe.
Hummm… taking advice from tea bags. If life could be so simple.

Then came the snow on April Fool’s Day. One last joke on us before Spring really sets in. Hummm… something is just not right with the world when Mother Nature dumps snow on poor blooming tulips. Hummm… I wonder what the rest of April will bring.

Ice and snow covered my tulips
Hummm… we thought it was Spring!
Hummm… this made me smile in many ways, the post person stopped and took pictures of the tulips I planted along our street. Thank you universe for good people who appreciate beauty in the world.🌷

The folder is empty here at The Cedar Journal. Have you seen a Hummm… recently? Share your recent finds in our comment section below.


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