First Canoe Paddle for 2022

Aalsmeer. This morning the water was like glass when we pushed off from the beach at Aalsmeer and paddled to the Historic Garden to volunteer.

Getting ready to push off this morning.
We have rarely paddled water so calm.

We were the only watercraft on the water as we headed into the harbor area of Aalsmeer.

This type of weather is rarely seen in March.

Once at the garden we were put to work fertilizing the garden. Each plant got some boost of fertilizer that will help it get a good start of nutrition for the season.

The pop of cherry tree blossoms.
Magnolia tree in full bloom.

Once done with our task we headed back out onto the water. Now pushing against a headwind my muscles told me that this short paddle was longer than I wanted it be. The first paddle of the season always shows me that I was a bit lazy during the winter.

Cedar waiting on the beach in Aalsmeer after her first outing of the season.

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