Real or Fake?

Today is my last day in the Dutch wilderness (a empty campground cabin) without the Hubby. He will join me for these next few days.

A huge storm blew in overnight dumping tons of rain and brought howling winds. At some point I did wonder what would happen if we got enough water that I would float off into the lake while I was sleeping.

Then it cleared. The sky had a million stars. The Weerribben is maybe one of the few places here in the Netherlands where there is minimal light pollution, making it an excellent place (when it is clear) to see the night sky.

I started the day by biking to Oldemarkt, a small village about 3 kilometers from the campground.

The winds gusting to near 25mph I wasn’t sure I wanted to bike but I did need a few items. So I bravely packed my gear and set out.

The thing about biking in The Netherlands is that wind is almost constantly a factor. Knowing that can be more a mental state of self motivation.

I will have a headwind going, so I will get there faster. Maybe, while I am shopping the wind will magically change direction or disappear.”

We all tell ourselves these sort of lies in order to make it easier keep going.

So, I am sure this is why I saw several stickers today along my route.

This was the first one. No translation needed.
Here is another picture one inside Oldemarkt. NOS is a Dutch media outlet.

As I entered town I saw that the bakery was closed, won’t reopen until 5 January. I saw all the other businesses along the one Main Street were also closed per the national lockdown. So… maybe not everyone in this village believes these stickers.

Wonderful day to window shop. Body amour for sale? Awesome!

As I entered into the small village grocery there were a few customers it not anything like I experience in the busy area where we live close to Amsterdam. People were like anywhere these days, some half way made an effort to wear a mask, others not at all. Some people kept their distance, some not at all.

I made my purchases and made my way towards the cabin.

No, the wind did not change magically while I was shopping. So I window shopped some more before tackling the flat expanse. I walked slowly with my bike along side. Noticing things I haven’t seen before on other visits to this village.

One of the three churches in Oldemarkt. I like the added smile on the the other building.

There are three churches. An antique store. Two knitting/craft shops (mental note must visit next time I am here). A garden with a miniature train track. What a cool find!

A garden along my route in Oldemarkt with train tracks. I would love to have seen the train.

Did they exist all this time? Of course. I just needed to slow down an really pay attention. These items and places are real. Appreciate.

A bit of real window shopping.

Just because we don’t see things doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Fake or real we all must determine it for ourselves. Oldemarkt is real, the virus that no one sees is real. Media is real. Sometimes what we see or experience can be fake.

Another church in Oldemarkt.

I know the wind was real for my ride across the flat Dutch fields!

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