Dutch Donut Day

Hello my fellow followers and bloggers. Between the weather coming off the North Sea (cold, wet, windy) and our lockdown/restrictions here in The Netherlands, there isn’t much to do but wait all of this out. Today, I decided to practice one of my American survival skills and deemed today The Cedar Journal’s official first Dutch donut day. Named for living here not for the American cake donuts recipe I was about to use.

I had some survival food that was due to expire and what better way to use the items than to make donuts.

Waiting for an oil bath.

After pulling out all my baking stuff and assembling the ingredients everything came together in less than 15 minutes.

Cook little donuts.

Now that the kitchen smells like burning oil as with all my clothes and hair. I feel happy that for once the fire alarm was not activated.

We all need a pick me up from the reality of the current world situation, so take a break, read an interesting blog, then do something creative.

Now… I have some donuts to eat before the Hubby gets home.😳

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