Floris V Pad – Oud Alblas to Papenrecht

Section by section I am getting closer to the finish mark of Bergen op Zoom.

Transport to the start point this time was the Hubby. I didn’t have a clear plan on where the trail would lead me. The initial plan was to hike the trail all the way to Dordrecht where the next noted official section of the Floris V Pad starts. The universe and my body had different plans on how this day would ultimately play out.

My route once I completed the hike for the day

The morning was cool and the sky was clear. I started the hike that took me through more farmland of the Alblasserwaard.

The trail start point for the day, just outside of Oud Alblas.

This farmland trail had older windmills (one has been converted into a modern house) with an active water pumping station. I could hear the station pumping as I made my way along the trail.

The brick building is the pumping station.

As I approached the modern (windmill) house I started to notice artwork along my path. Then a gate that opened into a beautiful cottage garden. I took my time finding all the treasures hidden within the garden.

A homemade sign that made it clear the trail direction. The modern windmill house in the distance.
This artwork was keeping a close eye on something in the distance.
This art was an interesting find in the garden.
The garden.

It was time to move on. Out of the garden, through a gate, and into a very long field, with no indicators where the trail existed. I checked the map and walked a straight line through the field. While I was hiking through the field I noticed that the canal water was moving at a good speed, most likely caused by the pumping station.

Looking back on the field I just walked.
Canals never seem to have moving water, but today I was lucky to capture.

I walked a short section through a forest area then crossed a busy road intersection that shuttles traffic between Papendrecht and Schoonhoven. Once across the traffic intersection I was instantly inside the beautiful Alblasserwaard forest.

I still think that trees planted by man all in rows is strange, but large trees are always beautiful.

This trail now took me along tree and shrub lined trails, zig zagging through the forest. Birds singing in the canopy and insects of all sorts busy on flowers.

The trail inside the forest.
Some of the insects enjoying the flowers.

Somewhere around this time, I got off track of the actual Floris V Pad. Before I actually realized I was off course, I was almost on the outskirts of Papendrecht. Instead of back tracking, I just changed my plans. I texted the Hubby that I would meet him at the apartment building where he was waiting for a truck to haul off the last of his parents items.

I think this was my wrong turn, but I couldn’t resist the path less travelled.
Crossing the busy A15 highway as I hike into Papendrecht.
I observed this other kind of “art” as I came across the bridge and into town. Seems a singer from Minnesota might have had influence on these artists.
A good spot for a short water break in Papendrecht.

Now I made my own trail as I wandered through the town. Papendrecht is not a small town and you really realize that when you are on foot. I walked through new housing areas and areas where time seemed to have stood still. The changes are reflected in the buildings architecture.

One of the older buildings along my route.

As I got closer to my destination I was suddenly rewarded with a new visual treat.

This small guy was waving from his balcony!
He had an entire tree community!

All of this made me smile and was well worth the trail diversion.

As I walked down the street, I found another tree community. This time there were two damsels waving at me from their perch. I am guessing they are huge Formula 1 fans, from the banner they sported from the balcony.

Max Verstappen fans.

Soon another balcony came into view. The Hubby waited and waved to me as I made my way along the road.

The Hubby waiting for me on the fourth floor.
A lone hiker (on the left – me) making her way along the Noord River in Papendrecht. photo credit Hubby

Floris V Pad Stats –

Oud Alblas to Papendrecht- 8.8 km

Total to date hiked – 143.0 km

Total to Bergen op Zoom – 102.0 km

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