What Did You Do on Vacation?

Ahhh, the good old days before COVID 19, when we planned vacations and then returned home to write exciting blogs about our adventures. Ah, those were the days!

Our readers won’t get excited about this recent vacation. Only an hour an half down the road and only seven days long. We toured two different Dutch National Park locations, in fact it was pretty boring.

Boring isn’t a bad thing. In fact, we felt like the vacation was very relaxing. The vacation felt more normal than we have felt outside our local area (mostly our back garden) in the last year and a half.

Our home away from home

First stop, the Weerribben National Park. We have blogged about this favorite of ours several times over the years (you can read about those experiences here, here, here and here). On this vacation, we decided to rent one of the vacation houses with direct water access for five days. We took several day trips to other paddle locations in the immediate area. We paddled a total of 40km. Our paddling muscles got a good workout.

Our first night paddling along the National Park

We relaxed on the deck overlooking the water and campground. We listened to the birds and watched the dragonflies. The constant stress of the year melted away. The digital devices were mostly off and we enjoyed being bored.

Enjoying a solo paddle right off our vacation house deck.
The Hubby is relaxing in front of the dryer.😂 Now that is boring!
Watching insects can be very boring and relaxing.
There were thousands of dragonflies. I finally got one dragonfly boring enough to pose for a picture.
The Hubby let me out to take a Hummm picture (more to follow on a future blog).

The next stop on our vacation was to a National Park in Friesland, Alde Feanen National Park. We have stopped here before for a short paddle (you can read about that here).

We decided to tent camp in a nature area. This was an excellent location to see nesting storks. In fact we didn’t have to go far, as we had a view of four nests right from our campsite.

Stork nests on right and left of this open field provided plenty of boring entertainment.

In our seven days away we enjoyed our quiet time, restored depleted energy and just enjoyed nature.

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