A Slug/Snail Art Day…

Many of my regulars to my blog know that I have been volunteering at a local community garden since COVID made me stay closer to home.

As with any garden or garden season there are challenges with the balance of nature. Nature knows what is needed and what is not needed to maintain a balance. We humans think we are so smart so most of us try to “fix” what we perceive as “problems” in our personal or community gardens.

I usually don’t get too wrapped up in “fixing” what nature is throwing my way. Although frustrating to see my Dahlias being munched to nothing overnight can be a bit overwhelming.

Or all the sweet little pumpkins that I raised all Spring with love and care to become a wonderful salad for the snails and slugs at the community garden once they were planted.

My sweet little pumpkins heading out into the big bad world full of unknown threats!

Then, I had an idea… what if we give these creatures some job appreciation! Everyone is trying to kill them, or relocate them.

The pumpkin patch can be a cruel world!

I am going to try snail/slug art appreciation to see if I can encourage them to relocate out of my garden and into the art scene. Once they become famous they can buy small greens and will leave my pumpkin plants, dahlias, and broccoli alone.

Here is the first of the Snail/Slug art exhibition…

U-turn: A portrait in travel by Sam Snail
In Search of Peace: A one slug journey on plastic. By Sidney Slug
Just Hanging: Art on irises, Modern. By Sir Herman Slug Black
Early to Rise: On Onions, Modern. Sir Herman Slug Black
Death of Friends: The Real Tragic End from Alcoholism. By Unknown

Whatever your challenges in life, more will always follow…

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