The Common Birds of Haastrecht

Last week Friday I hiked a short section of the Floris V Pad (read that blog here), while I was busy hiking the Hubby found he had parked next to a Nature Sanctuary filled with all sorts of birds. This is a photographic selection of his adventure.

First, I think this was the most entertaining of his adventure.

Under attack!

He was asked several times by actual birders if he was finding anything special. I had to laugh, he is only an amateur, as he told them he was only capturing normal or common birds.
Here are some of those “common birds”.
Fuut, Podiceps cristatus
Kievit, Vanellus vanellus

Vink, Fingilla coelebs
Scholekster, Haematopus ostralegus
Not sure of this ID but closest I could come was a Tureluur, Tringa totanus
Ahhh… much easier for this Minnesotan to ID! Canadian Geese, Canadese gans, Branta canadensis
Grauwe gans, Anser anser
This subspecies was very common at this location.

That adventure file is now empty. We are off on another adventure today. Product testing a new Kelty tent overnight at a local campground.

Until next time, travel safe and be adventurous.

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