Hummm… April 2021 Things to Ponder

As the title states this is one of those Hummm files. I needed to make room as it seems the universe (even though still on lockdown restrictions) knows I needed some hummm… to ponder.

Ok! Let’s get started. This chair entered my reality recently. Hummm… no! It did not become a permanent fixture at our house.

March ended as the hottest day ever recorded in The Netherlands for the month of March. That didn’t last long as April has thrown everything at us and sometimes that was in a manner of minutes!

This was the temperature on our covered porch on 30 March!

The frogs in our small pond have not been deterred. Hummm… I guess we built our pond to provide a spa day for the frogs and any bird that needs to take a shower before finding a mate.

Bob is our newest follower. I am still amazed that we attract new subscribers after all these years and limited scope of our site. Welcome Bob! Thanks to all of you who continue to visit and comment on our site. Your support is hummmm… inspiring!

These shoes seem to have lost the person. Hummmm… runner who is sick of running? Possible backpack zipper malfunction?

Then there are things that just make you smile. Recently I have been finding all sorts of painted rocks while out on my walks. The hummm… was engaged. Was it a artist? Most likely not, I figured, as they were in strange locations like a limb of a tree. Some were painted on both sides, some painted on only one side.

Painted rock found at the base of a tree on one of my recent walks. Hummmm…

Rock mystery was partially solved when another walker explained she had read that some parents/children had painted the rocks and then geocached them around town. What a great idea!

As Spring moves on, so does the garden.

Lettuce and garlic

We are also planning several upcoming trips.

That means VW Caddy upgrades. Hummm…

My custom made window covers.
Hummm… Never use a public toilet when you have your own! Very COVID a proof!

That is a wrap on the now empty Hummm file.

Hummm… Our potted tulips will bloom in the next week.

Stay safe everyone! Never stop pondering Hummmm…

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