Watching Spring

We had a short escape recently to Limburg. The beady eyes are from the EMU that lives down the street from the Meen’s B&B where we stayed. I surprised myself, how just a few hours outside the house on a road trip made me feel a little less stressed about the restrictions we are still under.

The problem is that where we live is very populated. People are stacked ontop of each other. Normally the crowded conditions don’t bug me, but after a year of being mostly in our bubble of the house and garden it has me feeling a bit of “Minnesota winter cabin feverish”. We embraced the outing.

When we woke the next morning we had a light frost on the grass.

The view out the B&B

Now back in Amsterdam, the Spring season has started and I am busy with starting plants for the volunteer garden. Spring is everywhere…

The blooming bulb mix that edges the walking path here in our town.
The tree at the volunteer garden starting to bloom.

The daffodils are blooming everywhere.

So the seasons change here as in the rest of the world. We are still on restrictions for at least until 23 April. Then… who knows?

Hopefully when we get our vaccination (now predicted June). A bit more freedom of movement. I would just like to walk down the sidewalk without fearing that someone will breath on me and get me sick.

We are setting our eye on our first canoe paddle for next week. Fingers crossed.

Stay safe everyone and let us know how things are in your world in our comments section as we love hearing from all our blog followers.

The bees getting busy with Spring

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