March Madness for TCJ

As in most years people are glued to the TV or media screens in the USA to watch the NCAA March Madness, college basketball.

Here at The Cedar Journal we have our own March Madness. In years past it has been awaiting the first day of the season to place the canoe or kayak on the water. Looking constantly at the perfect day in the forecast, the location we first want to explore, and checking supplies. You can read about those past adventures here and here and here.

This year is a bit different…

The Dutch government has extended the COVID restrictions now until 31 March. Although the government did make some minor adjustments this last week, like allowing for exercising with four people in a group outdoors instead of two; and adjusting the reservations for appointments to shop in stores, from only two persons in the store at a time so that now it is based on square meters of floor space of the store. All these changes still do not equal normal but they are small steps forward.

Broccoli plants getting started

Suffering from my own new March madness I have been knee deep in projects. Planting seeds, making clothes and when I ran out of ideas…

A sweatshirt sewing project I purchased from De Steek in Amsterdam via online.

I started making bias tape, pot holders and tea towels.

My March Madness: Matching potholder, tea towel, and cast iron handle holder all self sewed.

Somewhere in all of that I did my US taxes. Now, that is something that did drive me nearly mad. A simple tax return turned into seven pages! My question to the US Congress is why can’t we streamline the tax code? I gained a few more grey hairs on that week! Plus, I might have said a few naughty words towards Congressmen lawmakers and the IRS.

Making bias tape…
Bias tape ready for my next project.

On top of everything else, I was informed via email that all mail going to the USA from the Netherlands must have a custom form filled out electronically and paid for in advance online. When I say ALL MAIL, even a birthday card or personal letters are now required such nonsense! I would send my Congressman a personal letter of complaint, but it would take four months to get there and now needs a custom form with electronic postage, WTF hassle!

Yup, March Madness has arrived at The Cedar Journal. We hope April brings calm waters and stable conditions for us and all our readers.

What is March Madness like for you? Share your thoughts in our comments below.

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