Now Entering the Fabulous 55+ Club

What is the big deal? Well, most likely nothing except a few more aches and pains from my years of adventuring. I know it has been awhile since I last blogged and the reason is… you guessed it… COVID LOCKDOWN.

So when I turned the page on 50+ this last week to 55+ I had to celebrate at home, without a party, and with only the Hubby. Funny thing is, it was one of my best birthdays in recent memory.

A card from my friend in Canada
These tulips were the first to arrive via Hubby on the bicycle.

There just is something about a card in the old snail mail that puts a smile on my face. This year I got a few from family and friends here in the Netherlands and the one from Canada showed up 4 days after it was mailed!

Also from the Hubby

My youngest son, who is currently deployed with the USAF in Qatar sent me birthday greetings via text and told me to expect flowers too. What did I want he asked? Tulips! He delivered!

Ordered all the way from Qatar.

My Hubby took the day off of work and went out and got me two bouquets of flowers! Wow, that brighten up the house under lockdown!

But, my day of flower deliveries was not over…

My two step kids and their partners both sent me flowers and those coming from different florist turned out to be so much alike that I placed them together to make a beautiful arrangement. They know me pretty well, my favorite color is purple.

One of the purple bouquets.

When the last delivery of the day showed up, three bouquets of flowers from one florist I almost thought maybe flowers were a bit much for turning 55, but, I didn’t turn them away as my heart swelled with all the love I was getting from these deliveries. If entering the 55+ club means I get this many flowers in the dead of winter each year, I will take it!

A bag full of flowers.

Update on Dutch lockdown:

The lockdown with limited contact restrictions (one person from outside your home visit, per household, per day), work from home as much as possible, restaurants closed, bars closed, all shopping closed except for online with limited scheduled pick ups or delivery. Child care is now open, elementary schools go back to in school learning this week. Curfew is still in effect for now.

They estimate that 25% of all new cases in The Netherlands are of the English variant. They started vaccination of the oldest of the population groups this last week. We will get a letter from the government when our age group is qualified for a vaccine and then it is up to us to make an appointment. We guess that won’t be until sometime in the summer.

The aviation business is hurting here, as it is everywhere. Since that is how we are able to finance our blog and our canoe trips we are unsure how that will effect our future. Hopefully we will be able to bring more content in the coming months.

Until such time we will enjoy the blizzard we are currently experiencing. Then the next week of predicted freezing temperatures.

Drifting snow on our morning walk.

We would love to hear how things are in your world. Comment below or drop us an email via our contact page. Stay safe.

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