In Everything There is a Rainbow

Nope, I am still in shock from what happened last week. Which makes the fact that for two days I have seen the following even more spectacular.

A rainbow from my walk on 9 January 2021.

The rainbow can only be seen when conditions are just right. Light, water, angle, and being in the right place at the right time are all elements to being able to witness such a thing.

From a dark sky full of gloom to be suddenly blessed to see all the colors that are contained in each rain drop, a spectrum of color. What a simple joy!

So many only want to see only the dark sky, the rain clouds, the windy conditions that keep them inside (ok, a virus is also keeping many inside), or only see what is binging on their phone. As we all put down our phones, and look at the sky I hope we all see are rainbows in this darkness that has invaded our world in the last year.

My hope is that each of my blog followers will also enjoy a rainbow of any sort in your travels today. Be kind to one another and be safe.

Another rainbow from my walk this morning 12 January 2021.

Same rainbow but a faint second rainbow.

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