New Year’s Eve Dutch Style

This year will be different than most as we celebrate at home and not camping like we did in 2019.

The Dutch government made it unlawful to shoot fireworks this year. I celebrated the no fireworks rule! Hopefully a new tradition as it would be better for the environment and better for those of us who suffer from PTSD.

So instead we decided to make some traditional Dutch treats. Oliebollen and appelbeignets. Known in English as oil ball donuts and apple donuts.

We did take the shortcut of making these from a box.

Apple donut mix

We started with the apple donuts.

Slice and cut centers out.
Mix in the milk.
Coat the sliced apples with cinnamon and sugar.
Dip the slices in the batter and coat the slices entirely.
Place in 190C hot cooking oil

We decided we would use our CADAC cooking system outside for this part of the process.

Fry until brown or for about 4 minutes.
Nice amount for two people.😂
Add a nice dusting of powder sugar and eat! Yummy.

Then after we ate enough of those we just had to stuff ourselves with the next traditional donut. Oliebollen!

Mix, 300ml of water, and two eggs.
Now the dough is ready for the hot oil.
Into 190C cooking oil.
The fun part of these is watching them turn on their own in the pan.
Close to being done at 5-6 minutes.
Beautiful oil donuts
Again add a good amount of powder sugar and enjoy.

There is a reason we only eat these treats once per year. When we eat a few of these on New Year’s Eve we are really sick of them until the following year!

Happy New Year to our followers, friends and family. We wish all of you a healthy and happy 2021.

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