Hummm… File December 2020

There certainly hasn’t been a lack of Hummm this year on the International level. Some of it has made me also consider the hummm or just be totally flabbergasted at how the world has changed due to a virus.

For those of you who may just need to have a reminder of why my hummm file exists, here are links to my past entries. Hummm…2020, Tired Tuesday…Hummm, Hummm…Georgia, Hummm… 2020 Already?, The Hummm File of Scary 2019, Hummm…The file is full!, Things that Make Us Go Hummmm- 2019 First Edition, More things that make me go “Hummmm” in 2018, Strange Things That make Us Go “Hummmm”.

Now that we are nearing the end of the year, it is time to do some file clean up. I found there were several items still in the Hummm file that needed to be released into the world. I didn’t think I had much this year as we spent most of our time locked in our house or when I was out and the strange things I saw or heard I never seemed to have my camera on me. Hummm… a universe conspires to provide me with tons of hummm without a way to document.

My adult children still provide me with plenty of hummm. Last week as I finished up my Christmas online shopping and had the online companies impersonal gifts delivered. I received this message…

“Hey, did you send me this?” Hummm… “Yes.”
“I like the cup. I am already using it.” Hummm… “That is awesome.”

Hummm…. after thinking he at least was using part of the gift. I had a zoom call from him where he told me his co-workers gave him crap that his Mom sent him kiddie dishes! Hummm… I am thinking his co-workers are jealous that he has a cool Mom that sends cool environmentally friendly camping gear.

This made me stop and smile as I ordered a coffee this summer from a mobile coffee stand. Hummm… More coffee PLEASE!
Hummm… This guy seemed to disappear right where he sat! I bet he is missing his jacket wherever he vaporized to, too.
Hummm…. A new sort of transport?
Hummm… while kayaking this fall I saw this old bathtub located on this back yard dock.
Hummm… these people I think would be considered glampers, not campers. I think the coffee machine seals that Hummm.
When in the depths of not finding anything at the grocery store (American cereal is the last thing I would have guessed to find). Hummmm the universe knew I needed a happy reminder of home.
Hummm… What a cool and inexpensive bean pole.

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