Camp Cooking

This year we added some really cool equipment to our camping inventory. The Jetboil MiniMo that I wrote about on my last blog was one of only a few additions that has enhanced our camping experience. We also added a Yeti cooler, a GoalZero solar system, a solar interior USB lighting system and our beloved CADAC cooking system.

The Hubby using our CADAC camping cooking system this summer. Seen here baking croissant rolls on the pizza stone.

We purchased this small cooking system this Spring to add as our primary cooking system when we use our VW Caddy for camping.

Picture of the CADAC manual illustrating all the pieces.

It seemed like we could prepare about anything on it as it comes with a grill, stove, and flat surface plate for making things like pancakes. We also purchased the small pizza stone to expand our options.

Brand new pizza stone for the CADAC cooking system. I made a carry bag for safely transporting and protecting the pizza stone.

From reviewing my pictures for this blog, it would seem we only used the pizza stone on our camping trips. That is not entirely true, although we were always trying new ideas for our pizza stone, we used all the features available at some point this summer but I guess taking pictures of our pizza stone experiments was more exciting.

Cinnamon roll experiment. We found that maybe some parchment baking paper would protect the stone from the goo of cinnamon roll leaking onto the stone.

We used this grill many times this summer when we were stuck to our house routines. This made it a very special extra to our lock down experience. Since we don’t have a large area for an American size BBQ grill we still were able to enjoy the grill experience with the CADAC without the size of a large grill. The clean up was fast and easy also with the special drip pan that comes with this system.

On one of our canoe/camping trips we made flatbread. What a nice treat while camping!

After a summer of use it was easy to store for the winter in CADAC carry bag and only takes up a small amount of room in one of our storage closets, where it will wait for our next season of camping.

Waiting for camping season 2021.
The CADAC grilled a nice chicken breast this summer on this camping trip to Limburg.

What we like about the CADAC cooking system:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Compact system with a handy carry bag making it easy to keep everything together and to transport.
  • Small size making it perfect for two people.
  • Price was reasonable to other camping grills of the same size.

What we don’t like about the CADAC cooking system:

  • That the system doesn’t have something to place the hot accessories on after use. If we used the grill and wanted to switch to the stove option the grill would be very hot. Putting it on the grass burns the grass and I am sure is not the best for the grill over a long period of time.
  • The propane tank and the stove combo is not practical for canoe trips. Perfect for camping at a campground but not for taking on a canoe trip.
  • All the options available can cause planning issues, making it hard to decide what option you want to use on a trip. (Maybe that is not a CADAC issue but our issue. LOL).
  • Lack of a wind screen makes it challenging in some locations to maintain a constant even flame.
Wind can be a challenge with any outdoor cooking system. Here I tried to limit the wind with a small windscreen (and my body).

We recommend the CADAC cooking system for car camping, tent camping, and backyard grilling. As this system comes in several sizes it also makes it easy to determine a good size for your camping needs.

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