Jetboil MiniMo review

Back in the Spring (April 2020) I ordered a new backpacking stove. I really didn’t need to add to my collection of small camping stoves, I own between 5 to 8 of these small wonders. Why would I need another one? What great marketing ploy made me want this stove?

I liked the look of the MiniMo. Self contained stove camping system that could heat water to boiling point in under three minutes! I read the reviews, it clicked all the core “must have’s” in a hiking/solo camping stove.

I tried at first (this was April 2020) to order one direct from the manufacture and have it sent to The Netherlands. That was not an option due to EU rules, regulations, and industry legal documents. Instead, I ordered one and had it sent to my son in St Louis to test out and to store until I could make it back to the states. Not knowing then, that it could be 2021 before I returned to any outdoor activity or visit to the USA.

The MiniMo with Jetboil gas canister.

I later found in mid-May that the Jetboil MiniMo was available here in The Netherlands through (online only) Bever outdoor store. I could even have the gas canister sent via the mail (you would never see that in the USA!). I ordered and received it in the mail the next day.

The MiniMo broken down, it included a measuring cup, cooking cup with handles and cozy, stove with automatic lighter, stove pan plate for attaching to stove to accommodate larger cooking pans, lid and canister stand.

Yes, the price is correct. This is not a cheap stove!

I couldn’t wait to use this stove and see if it lived up to the reviews. I went to the backyard and tested it out.

Backyard test of the MiniMo

I decided that one of my rice camping dishes would be a good first challenge for the MiniMo.

Bright blue intensely focused flame heats water to boiling in about 2.5 minutes.
My camping rice dish.

I liked that the MiniMo has a wide opening for making a one pot camping dish. The handles on the side of the MiniMo make it easy to steady the pan while stirring, a struggle with most small camping stoves. The intensely focused heat of the flame did make it a challenge cooking without burning at first. All camping stoves, I have found, have “hot” spots and the MiniMo can easily burn food if you are distracted. Although the flame is easier to regulate to simmer than any other camping stove I have used.

What I like, was the MiniMo was extremely easy to clean. I washed it the first time in the kitchen sink. This summer I made several meals while camping, cleanup was so simple by just adding a little water, dish soap, short heating over the flame, rinse, dry and done! Just what I would like if I was out on a long hike with limited water and time.

A hot spot from my rice dish. How easy is the clean up?
I recently used my MiniMo to heat water for coffee at my volunteer job.
Using the MiniMo this summer in combo with our other camping stove.
Using the MiniMo for cooking lunch on our canoe paddle trip this summer.


  • I think the lid could use a redesign. I have steam burned my hands several times in trying to life the lid. Solution is a good multitool to lift the lid.
  • The MiniMo is larger and bulkier than my other backpacking stoves. The bulky nature takes up a large amount room in my backpack.
  • The lock system for attaching the pot to the burner is difficult to release when cooking is complete. Watch for burns to hands or spills of contents when this happens.
  • Weight of the MiniMo is heavier than my other backpack stoves, making this not my first choice for longer pack trips.
  • Price, for less than half what the MiniMo stove costs, smaller backpack stoves will offer the same capabilities.


  • Heats water to boiling point fast! This was a great selling point for me as being able to stop while hiking and get a hot drink in under three minutes us a real moral booster on a cold rainy hiking day.
  • Can be used as a pot for cooking or as a cup for hot drinks. This is a multi purpose camping cooking system.
  • Simple and easy clean up.
  • The handles and cozy make it easy to handle when hot.
  • Perfect for canoe camping reducing amount of equipment needed for preparing a meal.
  • Has removable cozy that you can replace or purchase extras in another color or design to fit your hiking moods. I liked this idea of adding color or individual branding to your activity, sadly they didn’t offer any canoe designs and in Europe I was only able to purchase the black cozy.

Recommendations: I would recommend this stove for day trips, canoe paddle trips or car camping. It is efficient in fuel consumption. Has a fast heating time and is easy cleanup.

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