Timeless Tuesday

I am sitting here on this Tuesday and wondering where did the time go this year. When will 2020 end?

Halloween is approaching at break neck speed but it doesn’t feel the same as in years past. I didn’t even carve a cool scary pumpkin this year as the year seemed scary enough.

Witches boots
Night view

The days go by slowly and it seems even the canal dredging is inching along.

The canal is getting deeper with this machine. A huge pile of bikes and a moped ended up being fished out during this work.

The things that keep me going are the things that will get us all through the winter.

A nice remote walk in the forest.

A friend who thought of me recently by having her flight attendant friend purchase Libby’s Canned Pumpkin on an overnight in Los Angeles last week. You are just awesome!

A zoom chat with friends and family.

My gardening.

The text message photo I received from my friend who is a KLM flight attendant.
A forest close to where I live. The one place I have never seen other people hiking.
A creative display I made on one of my recent visits to the community garden.

There are hobbies that need my attention this winter too. Mittens and socks to knit, a blanket to finish.

That pile of books I will now have time to read. A book about Tree Rings is at the top of my list, a special gift from the Hubby to his tree hugging partner.

Top of my reading list.

Time will tic tock along and even if the world seems scarier than normal we will find a way together to get into the New Year.

Scary bug that landed on me the other day. Remain calm and it all goes away.😊

Stay healthy, happy and safe in the coming weeks and months.

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