Dutch Open Canoe Festival 2020 Wrap Up

As always it is sad to see the end to another Dutch Open Canoe Festival. Seeing old paddling friends, making new ones and always the learning that goes with new ideas or new techniques.

Our canoe “Cedar” waiting to hit the water this weekend.

This year that included learning what each of us considered acceptable risk just to attend. What about bathrooms? Where should we stay as the event brings people from all around Europe and most of all can we still interact with old canoe paddle buddies and still maintain our distance. What challenges!

I will write a detailed blog later this week on our experiences from the weekend but promised two young paddlers that I would post a few pictures. To keep my promise before this old canoe paddler takes a nap to recover from so much excitement over the weekend here you go young people.😊

One of the future paddling talents from this weekend. This young man built his cedar strip canoe with his father with the help of FreeRanger Canoes Belgium.
Two young talents out for a solo canoe paddle. Both accomplished canoe paddlers and canoe craftsmen.
Awesome Fall weather at the opening on Saturday.
Minnesota is well represented and respected here in Europe with Minnesota built canoes.
I had to take this picture of this Minnesota II as it made me homesick for a Minnesota fall canoe paddle season.
My personal European built wood canoes FreeRanger Canoes

Best wishes and safe a healthy travels to everyone who attended. Until next season.😊

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