Many of my followers know what is coming with the strange and the possible far out there of this Hummm post. I have to admit, hard to find or see such things if you are locked in your own house for months on end or within the local community where the once hummm… is now just part of the landscape.

But, we have ventured out a small amount and the hummm file got larger than I thought. Now, I must share all the strange hummm in our world with the world.

Always good to keep a positive attitude in these trying times. Engine cover for one of the aircraft at Schiphol International Airport being mothballed during the Covid 19 shutdown.
Hummm…that is one darn big egg! This has been a common thing and now is no longer a hummmm in our house. Always good to break open a double yoke egg.

When I am out for my much needed exercise I sometimes see some strange things in the neighborhood. Yes, this made me look twice and then reach for the camera to make sure I am not totally loosing it.

What is that? Hummm lets get a closer look.
Hummm is this really needed? Am I late or early for something? More importantly WHO placed this here? Hummmm… Next day it had disappeared. Hummmm

Then there was the COVID 19 downsizing clean up of the attic. This now brings into question my hubby and his profession in the aviation industry or hummmm… CIA watcher?

Article of the CIA flying into Schiphol Airport. Hummmm….
Hummm two pages about the possible CIA flight. Well, what can I say? Americans are always seeking around the world. Hummmmm… Nothing can get past the Dutch undetected!

Then a Spring trip to Limburg I saw this.

Hummm… Looks like an outdoors person for sure. My hummm was not long as I actually talked with the owner and he is a teacher with the International School in Brunssum and comes from Canada. Anyone teaching kids should document with stickers!

Then there was this strange mailbox on that same Limburg trip.

“Hummm Bob. What should we do with the wine barrel once it is empty?” Hummm I don’t know Joe. Wait, I got it! Let’s make a mailbox out of it!” Hummmm… maybe cut back on the wine in Limburg?

Another walk in our local area produced this hummm… combination in a front garden.

Hummmm… is that? A ski lift cart? Really? Hummm…a British mailbox? Hummmm strange.

Same street.

Hummm…The square North Holland relatives of the guys in Limburg?

The garden where I volunteer always makes me think hummm. Nature has a way of surprising all of us when we least expect it. This guy, I didn’t expect and never had seen one this big a good 3 inches long in The Netherlands before.

Hummm … OMG a huge green grasshopper!

So that brings us close to the end of the summer and this past weekend. Driving home from the Rotterdam area we did a double take when this passed us on the road.

Hummm… A Green Car! Really Green Car. Hummm…
Hummm… the lady bugs are a nice touch.

Have you seen the strange and the hummm…recently? Share your comments below. Stay safe and Stay Healthy!

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