Limburg Camping Escape

We have accomplished another short escape from the Amsterdam area. This time we headed to Limburg.

A window box of flowers in Eygelshoven. We saw many of these along our bike ride.

Normally we stay at a wonderful B&B (Meens B&B) in Schinnen but this time of the year, most vacation lodging is booked far in advance. This year with Covid running rampant in European vacation locations outside of the Netherlands, many Dutch have decided to stay and vacation here inside the country. This has made getting accommodations (even camping spots) challenging.

We decided on very short notice to go to Limburg. We were very lucky to find a farm camping location in the outskirts of Landgraaf.

I worked in Limburg for a couple of years prior to my retirement and knew that Landgraaf has a downhill ski facility and hosts a summer music festival (that didn’t happen this summer). As in most locations where I have worked sometimes I didn’t really explore as much as I would have liked due to time constraints. It is nice now to really enjoy the areas around where I spent my last two years of employment with the US Government.

Sign into the farm camping.

We were nicely surprised at this camping location. Large roomy bathroom facilities. Trees between the camping spots that provide some much needed shade as the temperatures creeped towards 30C. A expansive view of the Limburg landscape reaching into Germany. The German border is only 2 kilometers (approximately 1 mile) from where we camped.

Morning view over the Limburg landscape

The differences in Limburg from Amsterdam area are vast. Hills instead of flat land make it great for bicycle training. The Dutch language also changes here into something that is part German, local Dutch and influenced also by the Belgium speakers of French, making hard even for my Dutch hubby to understand.

It was a nice getaway. Biking in the Limburg area, relaxing at the campsite. Too short in duration, different too from other vacations as we can’t just shop without a mask or are constantly thinking is this or that safe. It was a time to regroup, reconnect, listen to nature and re-energize.

A few thousand free range chickens next to the camping.
These cattle were trying to stay cool and keep the flies away. Much like the campers

Loaded down with the last of my American shopping for the year we head home to Amsterdam.

My bike loaded with American products from the military commissary.

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