It has come to this…

With all that is going on in the world it seems some things and companies are dependable. At a cost, of course.

I never would have guessed that it would ever cost me personally $74.00 to vote in a US election. That is only the primary, I will have to do the same for the general election this fall.

I don’t usually mix my blog and my political views but many who follow my blog know how deeply I feel about the trends in my mother country.

Shock…when I saw attacks by leadership towards the US Postal Service earlier this year. I joined the thousands of other Americans who purchased postage to show our support for a system so many rural Americans depend. Support for the US Postal Service that hires thousands of military veterans.

Shock…once again as the leadership placed someone in charge at the US Postal Service to make it more profitable. Instantly, I experienced change in the US Postal Service and how it approached customers services. Prices to send packages jumped, letter mail and packages to get to me here in The Netherlands now takes weeks and months to receive. Can we blame the delay in service on the current pandemic?

Last week that US Postal employees announced that their hours have been cut and undelivered mail is now piling up at facilities. How is that possible in these times where everyone is depending on package delivery to avoid shopping in stores?

The final straw for me was hearing that our US election would not be valid due to mail in votes this year. A shout to delay the US election went out.

I couldn’t believe it!!!

For the first time as a voting adult I chose this election cycle to pay to place my vote. I don’t care what it costs me. I know I can still exercise my freedom to choose who I want in office.

Hopefully, we (American citizens) will experience some change of leadership with the next round of elected officials.

Are you frustrated? Have you voted? We would love to hear how you are dealing with trying to vote this year. Please send us a personal message via our contact page or leave your comments below.

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