Weekend Escape

It finally happened, a weekend away. It didn’t happen without a risk assessment and long discussion about the risks. This trip almost didn’t happen at the last minute as warnings about increased cases in our local area on Wednesday had us thinking once again about the risks. Then, I started sneezing like crazy (I have crazy allergies…but in this day and age of rampant virus I questioned myself). We held our breath, I popped some Claritin and we packed the Caddy.

First canoe camping weekend with all our gear this year.

On Thursday (with no news of the threatened local lockdown) we hit the road, heading towards one of our favorite places to canoe paddle the Weerribben National Park.

First a cup of coffee before setting up camp!

Once we had arrived and set up our campsite, we headed out for a short evening paddle. Our paddle muscles cried out as we inched along. Months of sitting dormant and this sudden burst of use was a surprise for muscles that normally mid summer are well accustomed to paddling use.

Our evening canoe paddle.

What better way to give the muscles a real boost than to prepare chocolate pastries on the grill.

First time we have used our pizza stone for our grill to make pastries. A real muscle moral booster.

As with any camping trip we had the threat of rainy weather. We kept a close eye on the weather radar app on our phones the entire weekend. Scheduling our outings between rain storms. We accomplished that with success this weekend as we managed a 12km canoe paddle on Friday and a 20km bike ride on Saturday. Just as we finished up our bike ride the sky opened up and poured rain on us the entire night into Sunday morning. We stayed nice and dry inside the Caddy although we did have to battle a few mosquitos.

Friday canoe paddle with water lilies blooming.
Enjoying a lunch along the way.

Oh no! We forgot our tools to eat!!! No knife! What can we do?

Nature always provides.
Perfect solution.
A butterfly that thought the blue dry sack was a nice place to hang out.
Cedar at our lunch stop point. The canals were very busy with vacation people either paddling or with the slow electric motor boats constantly going past.
Saturday bike ride near Kalenberg.
Wildflowers along our path.
Then the rain…

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