New Home for the Chickens

In my last blog I explained that I had to sell two of my beloved chickens. What happened to the two hens I sold?

When selling any pet I am always worried. Am I selling them to a good home?

When the buyer came to the door to pick up the chickens I instantly knew it was the right choice to sell these hens, to this person.

With a smile from ear to ear he waved the cash at us and said he was here to pick up the chickens. The Hubby walked the buyer to the rear garden gate as I walked slowly through the house to the backyard. Preparing myself mentally to let these chickens go to a new home.

I could hear the pounding of clogs on the cement sidewalk as they approached the gate. Then that same smile lit up my back garden when the buyer set eyes on the chickens. His companion talked intently with the Hubby about this chicken lover who was buying the hens.

I walked the buyer over to the coop. His excitement at seeing how large the chickens were was infectious. My earlier worries and all my uneasy feelings now melted out of my mind. I smiled too.

I explained to the new owner that my hens eat out of my hand, he instantly turned to his companion and told her in an excited voice that they could be hand fed.

I caught the hens and handed them off to their new owner. He handled them like a pro. I was surprised. I have seen many chicken owners who had no idea how to hold a hen to keep them calm. This guy knew chickens!

We placed them in the box but not before Kipass had second thoughts of leaving our backyard. In the last flurry of minutes, she was caught and placed back into the box.

With a promise of letting me know how they fit into their new home and possible trade in the future for some small bantam chickens then new owner exited our garden. It already felt a bit empty with only two hens in the coop. But, I glowed with the warm feeling of happiness that I made this contact with a fellow chicken enthusiast.

Not long after leaving our house I received a message with an attached video. I asked the new owner if I could share this experience with all of you, and the answer was just as nice as the new owner. So enjoy…

Weaver in the arms control of new owner Bart.
Kipass at her new home with owner Bart.
Possible future chickens for my flock…

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