Mid Summer Blues

Summers,when I was young, were never about vacation. Yes, vacation from school work, but work on a farm is never done and there are endless tasks to accomplish. July, then, seemed like the longest month in the entire year. Very limited contact with other kids and the never ending chores, made time seem to stand still. July still seems like the month of endless tasks.

For many years I never had pets, never had a garden, and only kept a few flower plants. I had good reasons, I didn’t want to be tied to the responsibilities or to be stressed with extra tasks.

A bright basket of flowers in my garden.

This summer is different, animal ownership and a full garden area I am experiencing days of endless tasks. Disappointment, when I walk into my beautiful garden only to find that slugs have had a feast on all my best plants. Months of hard work down the drain overnight!

My basil seems to be a slug favorite recently

Then there has been the weather. July has been wet. All rain after months of drought and heat.

The deluged of rainfall made my tomatoes bust open, making them useless except for chicken food.

One of my tomatoes that has started to split due to all the extra water this week.

Then there are my four beautiful chickens. The space at our place is too small for four large hens. Their voices of descent were heard constantly.

The flock fighting for slugs

Something had to change. It did this week. Two of the hens went on the market to reduce my stress. Through the tears of posting them for sale, to taking much less than I wanted for them, my flock of four became two.

The last days of Weaver and Kipass in our backyard.

That quick solution will hopefully put an end to my Mid Summer Blues.

I learned when I was young, that the best solution to the Mid Summer Blues (according to my mother) was to work on more farm tasks. If that didn’t stop our complaining, we were sent off to the rock piles along the farm field edges to pick wild raspberries. We were told not to return until we had enough to make jam. That always took a very long time as both my siblings ate as they picked.

So this week, when I needed to kill my Mid Summer Blues I picked cultivated raspberries. I rode my bike early in the morning to the berry farm, I picked raspberries in solitude, rode home and made jam.

That anchor to old skill sets still chases the blues away.

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