A Summer of Waiting

So we are now past the Summer solstice and into the stretch towards fall.  We are still healthy (maybe some of our readers worried, as I have received a few emails from some of our followers… thanks as it was nice to know we are missed in the blog community).  I just haven’t had much to wrote about in the last few months.

We haven’t been canoeing.  We hope that will change this next weekend as we head for an overnight.  Now, with having chickens, we are tied to the house a bit.  We have the luck of a young man in the neighborhood who will come in and do chores on the chickens while we are away.  So don’t worry, they won’t be alone without supervision.

We found out they needed supervision, as when we tried an overnight trip a few weeks ago. The crafty chickens figured out a way to escape from the hen coop. When our help walked in the gate he snapped this picture.

Looking guilty

Looking guilty! They were!

They had a party in my garden!

I was warned… by a blogger out of England to watch out for my garden.

Once the hens were all back in the coop and us adult owners were home, we started to secure the coop from birds getting out or into the coop.  Some improvements later and we now feel confident we could have a canoe trip without news of another escape.

We hope…

I have been volunteering at a local biologic garden.  I think I might have mentioned that I was working on a ZEN Garden at the bio garden.  It has turned out better than I expected and now is full of things growing, flowers blooming, and new additional small creatures have made it a short term home before they change into something beautiful and fly away.

St Johns Weed Butterfly larve

St Johns Weed Butterfly larve- last week


St Johns Wort Butterfly larva – today (not the best focused picture unless you are looking at dew drops)

We continue to get some great laughs from the chickens and today was one time I actually got it on film.  A brave frog was spotted and on his way to the pond he encountered the group of chickens.  Spoiler – the frog got away.

Frog getting ready to make his move

Frog getting ready to make his move

Finally the frog made it to the pond. The chickens circled several times and then he made another appearance.


Not much else going on here at The Cedar Journal. We hope everyone who reads this blog is safe, healthy, happy, and practicing some social distancing in a canoe or kayak on the water.

We always love to hear from our readers, drop us a line below or via private email.

Until next blog…

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